Our Shared Vision for TrueFi in 2021

Meet DeFi’s leading protocol dedicated to collateral-free loans, powered by the world’s first on-chain credit scores

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Good for COMP Holders, Good for TrueCurrency Users — Here’s Why

After recently raising +$12.5 million, the world’s leading collateral-free lending platform is joining forces with a globally recognized team of Web3 engineers and designers.

An even safer & more powerful TrueFi goes live August 18th, 2021

TrueFi’s path to Billions in TVL:

Here’s why, and what it means for TrueFi’s Farmers & TUSD Lenders

As the leading protocol for collateral-free lending, TrueFi is scaling to bring the $11 trillion unsecured borrowing market on-chain with strategic hiring and crypto-native credit scores

Balancing Privacy & Security to Unlock the Next Class of Borrowers

Our “Ask Me Anything” with the world’s top cryptocurrency exchange

Our “Ask Me Anything” with China’s top crypto community


Freeing money to create more value 💸 | Behind TUSD, world’s most transparent stablecoin & TrueFi uncollateralized lending protocol | trusttoken.com & truefi.io

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