Our Shared Vision for TrueFi in 2021

Meet DeFi’s leading protocol dedicated to collateral-free loans, powered by the world’s first on-chain credit scores

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Good for COMP Holders, Good for TrueCurrency Users — Here’s Why


After recently raising +$12.5 million, the world’s leading collateral-free lending platform is joining forces with a globally recognized team of Web3 engineers and designers.

An even safer & more powerful TrueFi goes live August 18th, 2021

TrueFi’s path to Billions in TVL:

As the leading protocol for collateral-free lending, TrueFi is scaling to bring the $11 trillion unsecured borrowing market on-chain with strategic hiring and crypto-native credit scores


Freeing money to create more value 💸 | Behind TUSD, world’s most transparent stablecoin & TrueFi uncollateralized lending protocol | trusttoken.com & truefi.io

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